Affirmations that work are much simpler and basic than many people believe them to be. Affirmations or statements of positive beliefs are often misunderstood by people interested in achieving some sense of self mastery. Affirmations that actually work are quite different to the ones available on the internet at the click of a button.

It is important to understand what makes affirmations work. Why do they even work and the fundamental, scientific rationale for how affirmations can affect your subconscious. If not written properly, affirmations can lead to confusion within your subconscious or kick start a series of contradicting and conflicting belief systems that can cause more harm than do any good.

So let us first look at what makes affirmations work and why.

Affirmations are often perceived as statements that invoke positive emotions, optimism or make you feel good. They are often written using positive vocabulary and with positive intent. For the most part, the affirmations you’ll come across on the inter are only good for making great quotes or handwritten notes to a loved one. From a scientific and subconscious reprogramming perspective, the type of affirmations that work, have to be constructed rather differently.

The subconscious brain is outcome as well as emotion agnostic. Meaning, when the subconscious encounters a statement of belief, it doesn’t look for what it means in terms of an outcome or how it feels. It interprets it as a command, applies certain conditions to it and then simply “runs” the program. Consider the following example:

Jane is determined to use the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance and wealth. She knows that where things are at currently, isn’t great in terms of financial freedom or any kind of abundance. So Jane picked up the following positive affirmation from the internet and decided to start saying it diligently to herself morning, day and night.

Positive affirmation: In every area of my life, money flows to me

To the subconscious brain, this is just hogwash. It doesn’t mean anything. It is what I would call (in programming terms), a garbage output. It may make Jane feel good and might uplift her spirit, but its unlikely to take her to the position of abundance she expects to manifest using .

Instead, Jane should consider this: I AM WEALTH. (not I am wealthy).

Statements starting with “I AM” are an instant trigger to the subconscious that the subject matter is “ME”. Not just from the perspective of self-identity but also from the perspective of “my position in the universe”, and “my eternal character and will”. “I AM”, leaves no room for any misunderstandings about who or what is being talked about. Perhaps it is for this reason that every time the pharisees convicted Jesus asking him “who do you think you are that you can say such things”, his response was always “I AM”. Its almost like saying “I don’t care what you say. I am not answerable to you. I AM and I know that I AM.”

Short statements are more affirming to the subconscious than those long winded quotable quotes. The shorter you can keep it, the more room you’re giving the subconscious to “make it happen using the path of least resistance”. You’ve got to look at the end result. When you say, “I AM Wealth”, what you’re really saying is “I AM” the wealth that I seek. Now it is impossible for wealth to exist in someone without that person being wealthy.

The only thing remaining is to establish the association you have with “Wealth”. Is it a safe association? Is wealth something that scares you? Are you limited in your thinking and have certain ceilings associated with the concept of wealth? Is it only about money to you?

It is hence important to confirm the association you have with “wealth” in this case. One way to do that is by seeing a Kinesiologist to check how your subconscious responds to “Wealth”. If your body presents a weak or “no” response, then you know that the mental constructs you have within your subconscious about “wealth” aren’t in harmony and something needs to be done about that.

If you don’t have access to a good Kineseologist then the second way is to inject harmony into your using an association program. In this program, you are simply planting positive associations with the concept of Wealth.

What happens when the subconscious encounters

The subconscious brain is a highly sophisticated system that is always connected to Source. When it encounters simple affirmations like “I am WEALTH”, it goes through a very methodical conditional analysis of the statement. Its a typical “if/then” condition, which might look something like this:






#then ……….. fill in the blanks




So as you can see from the above example, one “IF” condition leads to several nested loops that are contingent upon the first being true. As is the case above, if I am wealth, then I am also wealthy. If I am wealthy, then I have limitless resources. If I have limitless resources, then I also have freedom to do what I want, when I want… and so on…

Now, the brain understands this very well. It has no confusion. It knows exactly what to do.

So what does the brain do?

It contacts Source and starts downloading the additional tools and drivers its going to need, in order to manifest the proof confirmed by the “IF” conditions above. The process is very similar to when you have something on your computer that you wish to print. The first thing you do is run a command, such as “ctrl+p”, which launches the window where you see printing preferences. You hit OK but before you can print it, if the printer has some connection issues, it might choose to download certain network drivers or software updates to prepare for printing. Once it has done that and has everything it needs, in order to print, it manifests your electronic file into a physical, printed paper.

The process involved in using the power of the renewed subconscious is something similar.

The other thing to remember is that the subconscious brain works on repetition. Which is why, a belief change modality such as Brain OS is needed to implant the belief that “I AM WEALTH” along with the right associations for the most promising results.

Once you understand this concept, creating and establishing additional affirmations that work, becomes easy. Think about:

  • I AM JOY
  • I AM HAPPINESS (why not I am happy? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below)