Understanding and how they provide a deep and meaningful understanding of the various brain states we experience throughout the day, is the Holy Grail of understanding how belief change can happen through subconscious reprogramming.

Throughout the years, I have spent countless hours researching brain wave frequencies and how each frequency affects neural function. Significant research has been done in the scientific community to understand the true meaning behind each of the brainwave frequencies we are going to discuss in this post.

Brain OS audio programs can assist you establish brand-new patterns and broaden frequencies that you may be already experiencing, not experiencing or requiring more of. Or if you have difficulty relaxing, check out the Brain OS theta, alpha or even delta programs.

What are brain waves

Being an electrical device, the human brain, just like everything else in the universe is a gadget of frequencies and vibration. At different times throughout the day, throughout  life, throughout experiences, the human brain experiences different brain states or “states of mind” which are better understood when you begin to analyze the specific frequency at which the brain waves are emitted.

what are brain waves

Modern science is highly capable in terms of measuring, analyzing, understanding and improving overall brainwave function across the board. The most commonly used technology for measuring and detecting brain waves is an Electroencephalogram or EEG for short.

The Electroencephalograph or EEG measures brainwave activity with the use of electrodes on the scalp. It measures alpha, beta, theta, delta, and gamma waves. The alpha and are in the alpha frequency range. Depending on the type of EEG device used, if it is plugged in with any additional resonance imaging techniques, then it is possible to see brainwave activity in real time similar to the brain scans shown above.

when I first began researching this topic of brain waves, I looked into various EEG devices – both commercial and for personal use. There are a number of portable EEG devices that can measure brainwave frequencies and one such brainwave EEG device that stands out is the Muse headset. You can read more about it here in case you’re considering getting one. It has its limitations and isn’t going to show you everything you’d expect from a commercial EEG headset – but it is a good place to start.

Types of brain waves

The human brain emits 5 very distinct and specific type of brain waves.

Gamma waves are the fastest of the brainwave frequencies and represent the greatest state of focus possible. Oscillating at 40 Hz (or 40 cycles per second), gamma brain wave is the anchor frequency utilized in all Brain OS Gamma wave programs. Gamma Wave subconscious reprogramming audios are highly effective in activating certain parts of the brain within minutes to induce a creativity centered brainwave state. Gamma brain waves have also been linked with a connection to higher cognitive function where subjects have reported having mystical experiences. These experiences feel so real (including all senses of touch, taste, smell etc.) that as far as the subject is concerned, she was having a mystical or inter-dimensional experience.

Beta waves vary in between 13-40 HZ and are the dominant frequency when we are wide-awake, alert and fully conscious. In the Beta state, nerve cells fire generously, in fast succession, assisting us to attain peak efficiency. Simply put, beta brain waves are associated with the active brain state. During this state, the human body is fully cognizant and in control of all physical movements. From the perspective of focus and concentration, Beta brain waves are sometimes considered to be creators of a lot of noise – the typical chatter you’d hear in your head when you’re trying to focus your mind or meditate for instance.

Hence, a lot of the physical effort a person has to make while meditating to quiet the mind, has to do with calming down the beta waves or rather slowing the brain waves down.

The Alpha state is an extremely enjoyable and unwinded state of awareness vital to tension decrease and high levels of imagination & creativity. With Brain OS binaural beat frequencies you can start experiencing the advantages of alpha biofeedback training right away. waves create a heightened sense of arousal within the brain firing neurons rapidly to stimulate the creative side of the brain which is the right hemisphere.

Alpha brain waves are also the gateway to the operating system of the brain which sits in the subconscious brain. Brain OS has a very specialist program for causing a quick shift in the brain from beta to alpha and then slowly to theta to induce highly effective reprogramming of the .

Theta is one of the most powerful brain waves. Theta is the brain state where magic takes place in the crucible of your own neurological activity. Going past Alpha, as you enter the operating system of the brain, you need to go past Alpha into Theta brainwave state in order to actually change the subconscious programs within you brain.

Theta is a semi-conscious state and is sometimes also referred to as the “body asleep, mind awake” state. So if you’ve ever tried meditation and felt that you just cant keep yourself awake and gave up then quickly turn back and get back on the meditation mat because whatever you did, got you to the doorstep of Theta. All that’s left is to learn how to control that state you got to and remain mentally awake instead of falling mentally asleep just like your body might have.

Brain OS has extremely powerful subliminal programs for subconscious reprogramming that can sometimes work in as little as a few days. If you’re struggling with a self-limiting belief, or a program in your subconscious mind that’s hurting your progress in life, then you can also use the Brain OS programs in conjunction with Robert Williams’ Psych-K method to permanently delete the subconscious program within 2-5 minutes.

The subliminal audio fires Theta brainwaves into your brain forcing it to open the doors to the operating system and the Psych-K technique allows you to get in, remove the program and come back out into Theta as if nothing happened… but as soon as you exercise the “save” command according to the Psych-K video demonstration, your action causes those old neural circuits to be permanently removed and replaced with the new belief that your brain receives through the theta subliminal audio program.

I know it sounds a bit weird. How can you go into your brain, delete a program, do something with your hands to run the “save” command and get rid of that self-limiting belief? Oh and am I saying, in less than 5 minutes? Yes I am saying exactly that.

subconscious reprogramming

Throughout this stage of the sleep cycle, the brain starts producing extremely sluggish, big . Big in terms of the amplitude, not frequency. In fact, delta waves are very low frequency waves in the brain. When you’re in a deep sleep then you’re very likely in Delta.

Even if your way of life does not permit for the luxury of a complete 8 hours of sleep, a couple of hours of Delta waves can deceive your brain into believing it’s had all the corrective sleep it requires.

High performance individuals, elite soldiers and even elite athletes are known to use specific brainwave entrainment programs that induce delta waves in the brain to receive maximum benefit from the restorative nature of sleep in the least amount of time needed.

Brain OS has several Delta brain wave programs designed to assist with sleep disorders, restoration of the parasympathetic nervous system and assists with the natural repair of the body while we sleep.

Delta brainwave programs are a perfect option for when you wish to access your subconscious for deep and effective reprogramming. Remember, the ultimate program running the operating system, the kernel, can be accessed only when in Delta.


If the human brain was to be compared with a typical PC, then Beta is the screen, Alpha represents the peripherals (such as mouse, keyboard, printer etc.), Theta represents the “Program Files” section or “Applications” folder if you’re a MAC user, the cusp of Theta to Delta is like the “System Files” folder. Delta represents “hidden files” and Gamma represents the bios or the kernel.

Brain OS audio programs can assist you establish brand-new patterns and broaden frequencies that you may be doing not have or requiring more of. Or if you have problem relaxing, check out theta, alpha or even delta programs.