You don’t have to be a spiritual person to know that the human body is an electrical unit with energy centers (conventionally known as energy chakras or just chakras) at key plexuses points throughout the body. It is rather unfortunate that many religious groups have looked at “chakras” as something blasphemous or “new-age” when in actual fact, it is nothing more than ancient science, which modern science has undeniably accepted to be scientific fact.

I do not like to use the word chakras when I talk about these energy centers because of the religious connotations or beliefs it denotes. A discussion about the energy centers in the human body must be a scientific one and I have absolutely no interest in pushing any spiritual agenda, neither new nor old, neither eastern nor western, neither heavenly nor hellish. Its just a conversation grounded in pure human biology.

Quick word about the word chakra

Now while I do not like to use the word chakras in this context, given the popularity of the term and the generally accepted understanding of these chakras among the masses, throughout this article, I will use the word chakra to denote the energy center within the human body.

So I want to talk about the 8 major chakras or energy centers in the human body. There are actually 15 that the original ancient Vedic text talks about but out of those 15, 8 are the most important one. Not 7. 8 – These are the 8 chakras in the human body that go from the (1) Perineum to the (2) Lower Abdomen, through to the (3) Upper Abdomen (Solar Plexus), then through the (4) Heart to the middle of your (5) throat (Thyroid gland), then up into your (6) brain (pineal gland) and out the (7) top of your head and up into the 8th and final chakra which sits about (8) 16 inches above your head.

Yes there’s one chakra that is actually outside your physical body but within the torsion field your body creates when all these chakras or energy centers are aligned with each other in perfect harmony.

What is the function of these chakras or energy centers in the human body?
Let me first describe the true meaning of the word “chakra” in sanskrit. You can rest assured that you’re getting the right translation because I come from the land that invented this language and the word chakra is a relatively frequently used household term in everyday life in India.

The word chakra simply means a circular disc shaped object that rotates. If it rotates in flight (like a frisbee) and has sharp edges then it becomes the famous “Sudarshan Chakra”, the weapon of choice for Lord Krishna as depicted in the epic Mahabharat. No that does not mean that chakra is trademarked by Krishna or copyrighted by the hindus. The modern day, western term that has the exact meaning is the word “gear” or “cog” – a circular contraption that rotates to perform certain function. Its just that. Nothing more, nothing less. So there’s no religious meaning behind the word chakra and neither is there anything religious about the energy centers in the human body.

cog - energy centersBecause of the way these energy centers function, back in the ancient days when yogis first discovered it, the best way for them to describe each center was like a “chakra” because of the circular motion in which the energy flows in and around the area these “energy hubs” are located in the body.

Its the same as the way energy flows in the universe around galaxies that gives them the spiral form. Give someone enough time and they will link that up with the chakra and call it a “divine” design. Be that as it may, the fact remains that there are key energy hubs inside the body. They exist. Just as much as the RAM and the Hard Drive in your computer.

Just as much as the keyboard and the screen on your laptop. Having these does not make your laptop heathen and talking about it should not be considered blasphemous. Its really simple isn’t it folks.

So lets look at the locations again:

Each chakra has a specific function it performs in the body. The lower three chakras are “survival” based where their main job is to keep the human body functioning and out of harms way.

The first chakra or energy center, sometimes also known as the “” , scientific name: Sacral Plexus, is responsible for increase and decrease or procreation and elimination. Procreation through optimal sexual function and elimination through optimal rectal function.

The second chakra or energy center, sits just behind the navel and is responsible for key digestive functions. Needless to say, these are highly essential functions performed using various organs in tandem – all completely involuntarily and in an autonomous way – hence, it is the autonomous nervous system that controls the optimal function of this center.

The third chakra or energy center that sits in the pit of your gut, also known as the solar plexus is responsible for acting as a relay center for regulating the adrenal systems of the body. It is for this reason, the Solar or Celiac Plexus is referred to as the second brain of the body.

The fourth chakra, the heart chakra or is located in and around the heart. Needless to say, the heart is by far the most essential organ in the human body – not only because it supplies blood to every part but also because of its energetic significance. The heart generates up to 100,000 times more electrical charge than the brain and more than 4,000 times more magnetic charge compared to the brain. This makes the human heart a reservoir of electromagnetic activity. More on the significance of this in another article.

Beyond the heart chakra or the cardiac plexus energy center of the body, the rest of the chakras are related to higher function in the body. In simple terms, the bottom 3 are all about survival, the heart is the regulator, the 3 above the heart are all about creative genesis (beginning of creation) and the 8th, being the access point to the “field” is all about that creation.

The fifth chakra or energy center in the body is right in the center of the throat. The Throat chakra or the Branchial Plexus energy center in the bod is a complex junction of nerves that serve several biological function – the most important of them being regulation of the thyroid gland. Refer to my article about the power of the thyroid gland to learn more about what this throat chakra represents in the body.

The sixth chakra or Cervical Plexus sits at the back of your head, connected via a massive junction of nerves to multiple parts of the brain. Most crucially to the mid brain, which is where the Pineal Gland resides.

I have written an entire series about the Pineal Gland so please check it out as there’s not enough room on this page for me to say even a tenth of what you need to know about the Pineal gland. Suffice it to say that the Pineal Gland is responsible for secretion of major neurotoxins (more like nootropics) that put the body and the mind at a very high state of perception and some pretty magical things can happen when the Pineal Gland is functioning optimally – unfortunately, in most people, the pineal gland sits dormant unless awakened through deliberate channeling of the life force (energy) from the first energy center directly to this one.

A word about transference of energy:

As you must know from middle school physics that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be “transformed” from one state to another. In the same way, energy from one plexus can be channeled to another plexus to stimulate higher function of that plexus. Is like how your car battery distributes energy to the engine in your car and at the same time also powers the air conditioning unit when you decide to turn it on on a hot summer day.

Charka Energy Center - Flow of energyThe triangular bone that sits in the perineum is where the energy hub begins and as you take a deep breath, it opens up ever so slightly to allow for the cerebra spinal fluid to flow upstream from the base of the spinal cord to the brain. You do that throughout the day as you breath but if you were to track the flow of a single atom of the cerebra spinal fluid through the spinal cord, it will take about 12 hours for that atom to go from the base of the spine to the top. That’s awfully slow if you ask me. Not enough fluid reaches the brain in a day under normal circumstances which is why the pineal gland lays dormant because it doesn’t get enough “juice” to wake up and stay awake.

So to make sure your Cervical Plexus energy center or the 6th chakra is active, you need to find a way to move that cerebra spinal fluid up the spinal cord with much more intensity, consistency and intent. Dr. Joe Dispenza has a brilliant program where he teaches people how to breathe properly to drive that spinal fluid up the spinal cord to pump it directly into the 6th energy center and force the pineal gland to activate under piezoelectric pressure.

Breath - How to breath properly to activqte pineal gland

When the pineal gland comes under piezoelectric pressure, it turns into a transducer. Big words. I know. Let me explain.

Peizoelectric pressure is pressure applied to quartz crystals to activate energy/electrical current. Remember the quartz watch? What makes it work? Its the piezoelectric pressure that makes the clock tick and the hands go around. The pineal gland has similar quarts crystals inside it. yes, I know, we have crystals in the brain? WOW!!! Its true.

Quartz Crystals in the Pineal Gland - Energy Centers of the Human Body
Here’s what the actual crystals look like inside the Pineal Gland. They are incredibly minute… smaller than the thickness of hair.

Now a transducer is a substance or device, such as a piezoelectric crystal, microphone, or photoelectric cell, that converts input energy of one form into output energy of another.
In other words, input radio signal into the transducer, and it will covert it into sound waves that you will hear as the favourite song on the radio.

Or input video signal and the transducer converts it into images that you see on the TV.
A transducer is effectively a converter. Science has proven that that’s what the pineal gland is. It is a transducer.

That takes us to the 7th chakra or energy center in the body which is also known as the crown chakra sometimes because its located right at the top of the head. This energy center is the bridge between the known and the unknown. Between the perceived and the yet to be manifest reality. It is the bridge that connects the transducer to the external field – the quantum realm (as I call it).

Which brings us to the 8th and final energy center or chakra. Remember, how I said at the very beginning that its the only chakra that sits outside the body, around 16 inches above the 7th chakra (crown chakra).