Tesla said, “if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. Everything material we see around us is manifest in physical (material) form as matter because it is vibrating at a certain frequency.

The couch in your house, the coffee mug, the bottle of water…each has its own vibrational frequency. Even non-physical things such as electricity, wi-fi signals, radio signals – they all have their own frequencies.

Not only that, even non-local objects (if I can even call them that) such as thoughts, emotions and beliefs have their own frequency too.

If you understand the frequency of each of these things, you will have a greater ability to understand how to manifest “things” that carry the right frequency or better yet, how to align yourself with the right frequency so you can create a resonant vibration to manifest certain things.

Love has a frequency, so does hate, fear, anxiety, confidence and even something like money. You attract things within your “zone” that are a vibrational match to your own personal frequency. This is not just my belief, it is what science has proven to be the case going all the way back to the 1920s and 30s (Yale University School of Medicine, Harold Saxon Burr).

Nowadays you can get electronic devices and equipment such as the Biowells GDV camera (GDVCAMERA created in Russia, in 1995 by group of technicians, engineers and programmers: Alexander Laptev, Konstantin Korotkov, Alexander Kuznetsov, Boris Krylov, Olga Belobaba) that can show you the human electromagnetic field and the distance over which it can be perceived by others.

My interest in frequency

Years ago I watched a video on TED that talked about the frequency of sound and how sound can be used for healing, , focusing, and many other things. I have never been able to find that video again but basically it launched me down the track of wanting to know more about frequency healing and manifestation using the law of attraction.

The more I dived into this area, the more I felt that there was a lot of fluff and “new-age” bullshit out there and many of these people that talk about these things didn’t have a clue of what they were talking about. 90% of the information out there about , frequency healing and manifestation designed for gullible people who don’t have the mental capacity to do the research and find the truth. In most cases, such people are so desperate for hope that they will believe anything you tell them. I wasn’t that. I am not that. So I embarked on a 2 year journey to hunt down the truth.

In doing so, I read every book you can imagine, watched more than a 1000 hours of videos on YouTube, enrolled in several online courses that talk about subconscious reprogramming, taming the Reticular Activating System, belief change and more…

I came across some very powerful stuff, some very fake stuff, some very colorful bullshit and some really really profound stuff that was backed up by real science.

Being a technologist at heart, I decided to use all sorts of technical equipment, standards, patents and concepts to build, test and analyse the effect of frequency on myself first.

Mobius Coil

I created a scalar wave antenna to measure whether or not a zero point energy field can be formed using high quality quartz crystals and a Mobius coil. Partial success.

Using a simple spectrum analyzer, I started measuring frequency of everyday objects around me. Frustrating but semi-successful. I say semi-successful, because there are certain things whose frequency cannot be measured using a spectrometer. For instance, if making contact with the object does not generate a sound wave, the spectrum analyzer won’t tell you anything about it.

Biowel GDV Camera K. Korotkov Brain OS

Then I came across the Gass Discharge Visualization method developed by Korotkov in 1955. Trying to build that device was a bit out of my league so I started studying its results. Mind blown.

And then… I came across Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work. This is one man I can tell you who has figured this out from a scientific perspective and is doing great work in this field.

From there I ventured into kinesiology and Psych-K, and epigenetics (I had known about Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work for a good part of 15 years but never

Bruce Litpon - Friend of Brain OSreally did anything about it until recently) and discovered how subconscious beliefs can be changed permanently within a matter of minutes without any medical or psychotherapeutic procedures. This really got me excited and I have since then stared studying more and more about Psych-K and how powerful it is.

I am not a doctor, I am not a scientist. I am a technologist, a researcher and an abundance of curiosity that doesn’t let go of something unless I get to the bottom of it. I have used the power of frequency and subliminal programs to reprogram the subconscious beliefs within myself as well as several people I a love and care about.

Mainstream science doesn’t like to be challenged with alternative views and somehow science has become less about the quest for answers and more about prescriptions. I wonder why! So if you’re looking for any endorsements from doctors or the scientific community for my work, you won’t find any.

Having said that, I have personally helped scores of people I care about achieve greater results in their everyday life through my subliminal subconscious reprogramming tools. Those that have used my subliminal programs consistently swear by its effectiveness and it is for this reason, I decided to start Brain OS – a cost effective, non-invasive way for anyone to overcome their self-limitations by reprogramming the .

So I invite you to explore the possibilities with an open mind.