How It Works

Its really simple.
Signup. Setup. Start.

Sign Up For An Account

1. Setup A Brain OS Account

This is really easy. Just go here to setup an account. The cost is just $49/mth and you can cancel anytime (although, not sure why you would… but the option is there in case you want to).

2. Add App To Home Screen

Brain OS uses the Progressive Web Applications (PWA) framework for delivering a consistent user experience across all mobile modern mobile as well as desktop and tablet devices.  Login to your account and simply add the web application to your home screen.

3. Start With Preloaded Programs

Brain OS comes out of the box, with the following programs. You can create unlimited programs inside the app with just a few clicks. Here’s a video that demonstrates how to setup programs inside Brain OS.

experience elevated emotions of love and joy through subconscious reprogramming
stress relief theta energy healing audio program