The Pineal Gland is the least understood and the most powerful part of the human body. Brainwaves and various brainwave states stimulate the Pineal gland, which then results in the kind of reality we perceive with our sensory inputs.

The minute the brain starts to produce serotonin, you start to pay attention to your external world and the brain wakes up. Now the brain’s task is to produce correlation between the external world and the inner world, and the method it does that is it utilizes its senses and it’s believing about how it feels.

Now when you go to bed at night and light starts to lessen and your brain is viewing less light, the signal that goes to the pineal gland takes serotonin and turns it into melatonin which makes you drowsy with modifications to your brainwaves. Your attention is no longer on the external world since you’re seeing less info, due to the fact that 80% of info is recorded from sensory input through your eyes.

There may be some music playing in the background, or you may have put ear plugs in, or there’s simply peaceful silence. Now you’re hearing less details, and due to that, the resting state of the body and making it sit still results in detaching from the environment, putting the body in one location and going beyond time.

That’s the fictional world where the inner world is more realistic than the external world. The external world is still perceivable though.

Now, if you permit your body to drop off to sleep while your mind is awake, that’s called theta. Its the state where, while the mind is awake, the body is basically asleep. It is during this state the body is no longer the mind, which implies instant modification can take place. Numerous research studies carried out by Dr. Joe Dispenza throughout his group sessions have actually recorded big bursts of theta, revealing that while participants remained in a theta state their bodies were resting while their mind was wide awake.

Now, if you miss out on that window and you miss out on that door, you move into Delta and Delta is deep, corrective sleep.

Next, up are gamma brainwaves or waves that cause superconscious awareness. When that resident energy that’s being stored up in those lower energy centers of the body get launched, all the energy that’s sitting in the lower centers rather than dissipating starts to go up.

When that energy starts to go up, that’s when the sympathetic nerve system turns on and synchronizes up with the parasympathetic nerve system and the body is unwinded with energy launching up into the brain through a little entrance at the brainstem called the thalamic gate.

In the minute that gate opens, that energy starts to move right into the pineal gland and the pineal gland is very sensitive to pressure due to the fact that it is a piezoelectric transducer. As the penial gland gets a rush of energy (which produces the piezoelectric pressure) in the brain, it then starts to launch electro-magnetic energy around the body.

This is when the pineal gland starts to take melatonin and turns it into some really extensive cocktail of neuro-transmitters. When these neurotransmitters are launched, the brain and the nervous system begins processing a higher stream of awareness. Microtubules in the cells switch on and the whole body experiences a revival internally.
The minute that happens while the brain remains in gamma, the inner world ends up being more genuine than anything you’ve ever experienced in the external world.

The brain actually tracks this experience neurologically and produces a brand-new chemical, maps brand-new paths and develops a record in your brain map. The body then vacates the past and really instantaneously, extremely quick modifications can be seen manifest in individuals from different backgrounds and walks of life.

It’s when the sympathetic nervous system starts to launch energy back into the brain and all that energy that’s utilized to produce a child, to process food and to run from a predator is now moving up to the brain from where it initially came. And when that takes place, the brain goes into an increased state and that’s gamma.

Subconscious experience in babies and pre-teens

Children have an amazing way of interacting with the outer and inner worlds. Kids, even when they’re asleep, are sleeping with their eyes open between the ages of 2 and 6. For the first two years, children’s brainwaves are predominantly in Delta state. Around the age of 2, the brainwaves move into theta, which suggests they’re in Twilight, that “dreamy” state when you see a kid, 2 or 3 years old, tracking things around the room that you can’t see however they can due to the fact that they are in a lucid state.

In between the ages of 0 and 6 years old, their brain is entirely in the subconscious state, and all of their attention is on the inner world and not on the external world. And when they move into in alpha, they start to pretend, they play, they start to connect with the external world and they’re paying attention to their inner world and they’re thinking of things.

And so as they start to discover from various things in their environment, they discover a modification in their internal chemical state. And since their awareness is now going more on the external environment, their brainwaves move into alpha.

After the age of 12, that door basically shuts down and now they move into beta regularly which is when the external world is more genuine in the inner world.

Back to Beta-Alpha transformation in adults

While reading this, you’re quite possibly in a very relaxed physical state but your brain is still in beta (becase you have your eyes open). However, the brain is not threatened in any way and it’s simply taking in all the detail your visual sensory input is bringing to the brain.

If somebody was to ask you an intricate concern at this time which led to some thinking, your brain will rapidly have to change from Beta to Alpha in order to come up with an innovative response to a complicated question.

We might state then that beta and alpha represent the mindful mind and alpha, theta and Delta represent the while Gamma is the super-conscious awareness.
When we’re living by the hormonal agents of stress, we produce extremely incoherent brainwave patterns due to the fact that various compartments are not interacting in unison since according to the survival centres of the brain it’s not a time to interact. When the body is under stress, its time for emergency, and when you determine those brainwave patterns, they’re really incoherent.

When we start to link to source energy, when we really permit that awareness, the subjective free-willed awareness to combine with that unbiased awareness, which is a loving intelligence and also intelligent love, and as we start to combine with it, various compartments of the brain that were once divided, start to interact in a coherence pattern.
When that happens, we begin to feel whole. We rely on the universe since the brain is now working in a holistic state.