In the second part of this 3-part series we are going to talk about the place positive thoughts and affirmations have, in bringing you one step closer to your desires through the . In part 1 of this series, we discussed Karma and how is better understood from the perspective of the Law of Replacement.

Understanding the driving force behind the law of attraction is the most important step in manifesting your desires through LOA. Like you read in the previous part, if you understand the law of replacement, the law of attraction becomes that much more logical to comprehend.

The ultimate driving force behind the law of attraction is vibration. Because everything is frequency and every thing is a thought before it became a thing, understanding the frequency at which you are vibrating at any given time is key.

If you’ve ever read any of Abraham Hicks’ teachings around the subject of “ask and it shall be given”, then you will know the importance of being in vibrational alignment with whatever it is you wish to manifest. But what does it mean (practically) to be in vibrational alignment? What are the real steps involved in getting there and what changes need to be accomplished and how?

These are valid questions and it is true that there is a lot of confusion around the actual, practical steps that need to be taken in order to get from where you are… to where you want to be. It requires work. There is no magic formula. There is no overnight miracle. And yes, staying positive and keeping positive thoughts and affirmations front and center is important too (but not on its own).

Concentration of emotions and how to breakdown tangled thoughts

raise your vibrations to manifest anything you desire

This chart shows the various frequencies associated with various emotional states

In the last 2 decades, medical science has understood a lot about the depth of the connection between heart and mind (in that order). It is now well understood that the heart is a massive generator of electromagnetic energy – energy that positions your vibrational frequency at either a low level (you’re feeling emotionally drained) or high level (you’re overflowing with love, gratitude, positive thoughts and joy). The coherence with which the heart beats has a lot of influence on whether or not the overall frequency at which the body exists in space and time is high or low.

So everyone that comes across the law of attraction, manifestation or any energy psychology discipline, already understands that this entire process of manifesting begins with the alignment of the heart. It is so because as the emotional center of the body, the heart is where the journey begins. When the desire to manifest something spawns in your consciousness, it spawns inside the heart first. It is the heart that feels what it would feel like when that “thing” ultimately manifests itself in real life. It is the heart that feels the elevated emotions, the sensations of joy, the butterflies in the stomach that are a sign of times to come – it all happens from the heart. Heart is where positive thoughts (even though they appear as thoughts) actually originate from.

If only we could maintain those elevated emotions, the manifestation will happen much faster. So the problem starts when the mind begins to intervene and before you know it, your left brain…the seat of logic and reasoning begins to say “yeah but… ” or “but you can’t…” or “it never will…” and those elevated emotions come crashing down like a ton of bricks and you’re caught in this vicious loop of “I want to” > “but you can’t”. Heart says, “I want to”… the mind says “How?” and you never come out of that loop.

Once the existence of this loop comes across the awareness, the natural thing to do is to try to change it. So you decide to use your willpower, your determination, your capacity for positive thinking to bring about a change to this heart-mind conflict.

But in doing so, a very important fact escapes our thinking. It is the scientific fact that the conversation that took place between the heart and mind earlier is not a conversation with the conscious mind but the . That voice that keeps saying “how”, “you’ll never” or “what makes you think…” comes from the subconscious mind.

The intention to change it, however, does not. That comes from the conscious mind because of the conscious effort you plan on making to bring about that change. Are you with me? If yes, then brace yourself for some terrible news.

No matter how positive you are, how optimistic you are, no matter how strong your positive emotions, no matter how well written your , you won’t change a thing if you don’t change it from within the subconscious mind. IT JUST WON’T WORK

This is not a mind over matter thing alone. Yes, we are talking about overcoming the mind. Yes it is about the battlefield of the mind. But, that battlefield exists deep inside you. The conscious mind doesn’t have any control over it. Heck the conscious mind is only capable of processing 40 nerve impulses per second. It cannot handle such deep and insightful conversations. The subconscious mind on the other hand processes 40 million nerve impulses per second. That’s a beast of a difference in capacity. The subconscious knows more than you know is there to be known. So when religion says that every person is born with the knowledge of “God” inside them, it is essentially referring to the subconscious mind that has a connection with Source Energy that can never be un-tethered.

In the absence of a well defined construct, it is not abnormal for many to consider this to be the God energy. God, after all is nothing more than a construct for understanding that higher power, the divine energy, the creator, the intelligence governing the Universe.

It is this connection between the subconscious mind and Source Energy that brings about the manifestation of your desires. When you ask, Source Energy responds immediately. But if on its way back to your heart through your subconscious mind, the impulse from the Source Energy gets blocked by the subconscious cynicism, then naturally an area of perpetual conflict arises.

Positive thoughts and mindful affirmations are a great start but they’re not going to get you across the finish line, not unless those positive affirmations are intercepted by the subconscious mind.

Let’s use an example to make this more practical.

Let’s say you are trying to manifest a new job…or maybe you’re trying to . The very first thing you have to do is feel the emotions of having that new job or having more money.

What will you do? How will you feel? What will be different?

As you feel that, you will also feel some resistance. It might be “well how will you get this new job?”, or “you can’t make more money because you’re on a fixed wage or salary…” – the left brain, the seat of logic, immediately begins to solve this problem. In doing so, it will bring you solutions. Solutions like “ok, so we need to apply for new jobs…” or “ok, we need to ask for a promotion or get a new degree/certificate or upskill…”.

Before you know it, you are no longer enjoying the elevated emotions or those positive thoughts but you are now actively involved in solving the problem. What happened do you think? Who’s driving the process now? Is it your heart or the mind? If you said the mind, then which mind? The conscious or the subconscious?

If you said the subconscious, then you’re bang on the money.

So the first thing that needs to happen before you can even begin to comprehend manifesting something is to learn to tell your subconscious mind to fall back in line. You know that “when you ask, Source Energy responds” and “It is the law of the universe that when you match your desired outcome with the right vibrational energy, manifestation must come to pass” and if you tell your subconscious mind that “I believe Source Energy is creating the right circumstances for me to manifest a new job”, you are no longer a slave of your subconscious mind but the commander of the future you wish to create.

Your job is not to try to figure out how something will manifest itself. The Universe does not need your help. Your job is to keep your vibrational frequency as high as you can, as consistently as you can and remove yourself from the equation. Maintain those positive thoughts, live out those positive affirmations. Remain elevated.

Positive affirmations and maintaining positive thoughts are essential in maintaing a positive frame of mind – which ultimately leads to higher vibrational states. However, on days when things are going ok, you won’t have a problem with that. Your subconscious mind is not in survival mode. Its not in any state of conflict. You are consistently in a