Belief Change Modalities

Is belief change possible? Ever wondered if it is possible to change some of your beliefs? Do you subscribe to the idea that some people are “too hard to change” or even “some people are too old to change their ways”? No one can blame you for holding those conventional beliefs. These false beliefs have been instilled in most of us since our younger days, and for the most part, we have come to believe in them wholeheartedly.

At Brain OS, we tackle the idea of belief change, through 5 specific and scientifically proven modalities. These are as follows:

Energy Psychology

energy psychology is a powerful way of dealing with 21st century problemsEnergy healing, also known as bioenergetics, can be used in the treatment of diseases, but not all ailments can be treated effectively with this approach. However, when you practice energy healing in conjunction with psychotherapy, it can have a very positive effect on the healing process.

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Kinesiology muscle testing for belief changeKinesiology is defined primarily as the use of muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body’s structural, chemical, and emotional energy. Kinesiologists undertake years of training to be able to access the movement of energy – or what the Chinese call Chi – and the Indians call Prana, around the body and brain. They look for ways to improve the efficiency and performance of the human body while at work or at play by studying the factors that influence human movement. They establish the body’s priority healing needs, and evaluate energy changes brought about by a broad spectrum of therapeutic procedures.

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Self Hypnosis

self hypnosis for subconscious belief changeSelf hypnosis doesn’t require any drugs or needles. It does not require you to pay someone by the hour to untangle your life and put it back together again. It doesn’t have any side effects either. Neuroscience has recently begun to understand how self-hypnosis works and why it is so effective in improving everything in our lives. The simplest way to look at it is this: Self Hypnosis accesses your where 95% of the the drives your life and guides your conscious mind is located.

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Custom Belief Change Programs

custom belief change programs designed just for you

Belief change programs provided within the Brain OS app are highly effective for most people. However, if you have been dealing with elevated levels of stress, mental fatigue, a strong feeling of “being stuck in limbo” in the journey of life, then chances are, you could benefit from taking a more targeted and customized approach.

In a custom belief change program, we will work with you in understanding your current situation. After that, we will prepare a set of positive belief statements that are specific to you. So instead of “I am” affirmations, they will be “Samantha is” affirmations (for a person named Samantha for instance).

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