Belief Change Works
For Each Individual

Custom Belief Change programs can create permanent change in your belief system through the use of Brain OS Subconscious Reprogramming techniques

However, each individual is unique and carries with them their own unique set of subconscious beliefs that might be the reason why success and progress in life is such a “stop/start” experience for so many.

Who should consider custom belief change programs

Belief change programs provided within the Brain OS app are highly effective for most people. However, if you have been dealing with elevated levels of stress, mental fatigue, a strong feeling of “being stuck in limbo” in the journey of life, then chances are, you could benefit from taking a more targeted and customized approach.

In a custom belief change program, we will work with you in understanding your current situation. After that, we will prepare a set of positive belief statements that are specific to you. So instead of “I am” affirmations, they will be “Samantha is” affirmations (for a person named Samantha for instance).

There are two strong benefits of this.

One of the biggest challenges that most people face today is their relationship with self. It has become more and more estranged as our world has gone from trying to be politically correct to being consumed by woke culture. This has caused people with inherently lower self esteem and self-confidence than others to fall into a default setting inside their brain where the voices within appear to be detached from “self”.

Benefit 1: When you listen to the custom belief change program that says “Samantha is” instead of “I am”, you are firstly reintroducing your subconscious self to the “new” Samantha.

Benefit 2: When you play the custom belief change program in a public environment such as your workplace, home or place of business, you are not only building your own self, you are also building Samantha up in the subconscious minds of everyone that’s listening to the program.

When the program plays, all you actually hear is the dominant music from the soundscape, and because the does not differentiate between an audio frequency aimed at Samantha’s subconscious mind Vs.  one that’s aimed at whoever is “tuned-in”, you’ll naturally end up building a positive enforcement about Samantha in the subconscious minds of everyone around.

Imagine the implications of this if you’re trying to secure a promotion or dealing with a negative influence at work.

What will the custom belief change program include:

Each custom belief change program comes with a set of customized positive statements in up to 2 languages. The first language must be English and the second can be any additional language that you may be exposed to as a child. For instance, if you are of Japanese descent but have grown up in a predominantly English speaking environment with Japanese still spoken at home, then you would want to choose English and Japanese as the 2 languages.

Bilingual individuals have additional neural connections whereby certain belief statements need to be injected in the native tongue as opposed to English, which my not be the first language.

What is the process of getting a custom belief change program?

  • Purchase Custom Credits

    Purchase Custom Credits in packs of 1, 2 or 3 credits and get started on the journey of transformation.

  • Initial Consultation

    We will start with a 30 minute telephone conversation (or email if you prefer) to gather some information from you.

  • First Draft Provided

    After that, within 24-48 hours, we will provide you the first draft of the statements we feel will be most effective in your case.

  • Compilation & Delivery

    Once you agree, those statements are then converted into a Brain OS program which you will be able to use unlimited number of times with any of the Soundscapes, Live Radio Stations or Guided Meditations provided within the App.

The entire process from start to finish, usually takes a maximum of 5-7 working days.

Custom belief change program for businesses and corporates:

belief change programs for corporates and businesses

Business owners can also consider using custom belief change programs.  Such programs can be used to induce high level of alignment of all employees with the corporate vision of your company.

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