Energy Psychology -
A New Approach to understanding
Mind, Body & Soul

Energy psychology is a field that is based on the deep and meaningful link between the energy flow within the body and its impact on our psyche.

The focus here is more about the ability to connect with the body’s energy centers, (also popularly called the chakras), and using the electromagnetic field of the body to align mind, body and spirit for a better life experience.

Energy healing, also known as bioenergetics, can be used in the treatment of diseases, but not all ailments can be treated effectively with this approach. However, when you practice energy healing in conjunction with psychotherapy, it can have a very positive effect on the healing process.

Energy healing is based on the theory that people have a combination of life force energy (chi) and the emotion (chi) in their bodies. When these two elements are unbalanced, illnesses such as cancer and arthritis can occur. When these two elements are balanced, the body is able to heal itself.

This is not only true in case of physical ailments. Energy Psychology and balancing of the energy centers (chi or chakaras, the word is irrelevant) within the body can provide severe mental health benefits too.

Traditionally energy healing incorporated meditation, deep breathing, and other natural modalities, such as aromatherapy.

However, with recent advancements inside the medical community, energy healing has come out of the realms of spirituality and into the scientific arena where it is now practiced with additional help from scientific instruments.

what are brain waves
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology is frequently deployed to study the mind and how external stimuli affect the various brain centers.

It also involves a system of energy healing modalities that create the necessary energies within the brain. For instance, our theta brainwave subliminal audio programs are designed to induce the right brainwave state that is supportive of belief change within the . This particular type of energy healing is capable of creating amazing brain chemistry with documented and evidence backed studies proving an increase in production of several neurotoxins.

These neurotoxins are single handedly responsible for some of the most critical functions in the human body.  From Melatonin to Benzodiazapine, to DMT – energy healing and energy psychology discipline can present significant benefits to mental health across the board

In order to understand how energy psychology works, you need to realize that energy is not separate from the body, but rather it is created within the body. The energy centers (or chakras), which are the pathways in the body that connect the mind, emotions, and body, are home to the energy of the human spirit.

Biowel GDV Camera K. Korotkov Brain OS
The Biowel GDV Camera developed by Russian Scientist K. Korotkov is capable of reading this human bio energy field.

Energy psychology focuses on restoring the