Before any “thing” existed, it was a thought, either a conscious thought or a subconscious thought. Ponder this for a moment as I lead you to a profound realization about the human mind. You’re reading this article on a laptop or a mobile phone or some device. Before you had the device in your hands, someone thought about building it. That company or individual had the thought of using specific components to put together a device using which, one day, you could read an article such as this (and many others). The thing, using which, you are reading this article today, was a thought in someone’s mind at a time in the past.

This is true not just for modern electronics but also for anything you see around you. The chair you’re sitting on, the cup you’re drinking your coffee from, the plug your laptop charger is plugged into – each of these things were a thought in someone’s mind before they manifested themselves the way they have.

The thought led to a thing and the thing led to an experience.

Now experience, is another word for memory, which in-turn, as my research revealed, carries a chemical signature. That’s right. Memory has a chemical signature – it has a material expression and a very profound impact on every neural pathway it touches and interacts with.

When I realised this, I began to understand what Renee Descartes meant when he said, “I think, therefore I am”. You see, we are nothing without our experiences. We are nothing without information stored inside our memory bank.

We have no physical expression of anything without first having the thought to express something.

It is for this reason, the question “how do I know that this … this very moment when I’m writing this article… isn’t a dream. How do I know I am not asleep right now. How do I know what is real if all expression of reality comes from an experience that is linked with something that was given birth by a thought” – this blew my mind and frankly, I had difficulty focusing on anything for a few days after I had this epiphany. No it wasn’t after I watched Matrix. That was back in 2001.

Thinking further on from there, I realised that if all expression of reality comes from the mind, then there is strong merit in diving deeper into Nick Bostrum’s simulation hypothesis, of which, the ancestor simulation idea seemed to have rested most comfortably within my mind.

Subconscious Thoughts and the Double Slit Experiement

Then came the deep understanding of the double slit experiment and what it actually means for our understanding of reality. I understand completely why this stuff doesn’t get taught in the physics curriculum or ever gets talked about in mainstream scientific lectures and papers. This shit is heavy. Anyone with a half decent intelligence and respect for life beyond self, will not have much difficulty in understanding what it means when you make the effort to study the double-slit experiment. The sad part is most people don’t take the time or make the effort to study such things – the busyness of life I guess.

If I am to accept the Copenhagen Interpretation of the double slit experiment (well…who am I not to anyway 😉 ), then there are multiple universes where multiple “variations” of me are living an infinite number of realities – all at the same time.

Subconscious Thoughts - Copenhagen Interpretation
Recognize any of these faces? These are the top scientists who met in Copenhagen in 1925 to discuss and agree upon an interpretation for the double slit experiment.

So there must be a universe where my fiancé is still alive. A universe where I have good health. One where I have everything I ever dreamed of. So the question became, how do I make the “ideal” universe collide with the one I’m in now. In other words, how can I use this knowledge to manifest my goals, dreams and vision.

I must tell you… the following is not what you can expect after reading the previous paragraph. Its not the predictable ending of “Law and Order” where at the end of the day, everything works out fine. The perp gets caught, the cops have a happy ending and there are no friendly casualties. That’s not the case here.

things is not easy. Especially if you’re one with a logic driven, analytical mind such as mine and even worse, if you have a high performance personality, like mine where I’m like the alpha dog in any setting. Your ego is your biggest enemy when you’re trying to manifest. More on this in a minute.

Before you read this further, it is important for you to understand that nothing about me, my commentary here, Brain OS or anything I talk about on this website has anything religious, spiritual or churchy about it. There’s nothing religious about frequency, the consequences of the double slit experiment, the energy centres in the human body, the power of the subconscious mind and techniques such as Psych-K® that can bring about change in subconscious beliefs that is nothing short of pure magic – yet its highly scientific. Nothing more, nothing less.

If everything is about the mind, then clearly it is important to know and control it. How? Meditation. Hands down, it is the most effective way. Yes, if you’re a regular church goer, depending on the doctrine you follow, you’re probably thinking of calling the exorcists or showering me with holy water hoping for me to burn for uttering the words meditation.
All spiritual naiveties aside, meditation is a simple word that means “to become familiar with” – in this case, to become familiar with self.

Meditate to know who you are, what you are, how you are, where you are, when you are and most importantly, know your .

Then I came to learn about the power of the heart. Thanks to Gregg Braden, who has had a strong impact on my understanding of the real power of the human heart. While the brain is all about electrics, the heart seems to be all about magnetics. Together, I repeat, together, they create the electro-magnetic phenomena that Korotkov observed through his GDV contraption back in 1955. The heart, they say generates 4,000 times more power than the brain and in-fact, it is the heart that “instructs” the brain to project the reality that manifests itself.

So all this while, I was thinking that its all about the brain. You see, the analyst in me is looking for a binary solution here. Tell me what is it. Is it the brain or is it the heart. Its neither on its own.

Its the coherent functioning of both, the combination of emotion (heart) and thought (mind) that causes the brain to project that which the heart feels and that which the mind conjures up in thought.

Ok… I had only just begun figuring this out, when I discovered that consciousness, is a non-local phenomena. I was almost ready to call it quits after coming across this.

I had worked really hard over more than 700 days of my life trying to get to a point where I thought I was starting to understand how to manifest. Then I realised that consciousness is non-local – meaning, its not something inside me. The powerhouse of energy that keeps us breathing, the heart pumping, the neutrons firing… isn’t coming from anything inside me? What the fuck is going on … seriously. Where is it coming from? Who’s calling the shots?

Yes I know you’re saying … well of course… God. Ok… which one? I know, now you’re going to say, well, its about faith and belief. No. Cannot be. Both faith and belief require heart. Heart = 0 if there is no consciousness. So before you even get to the belief part, you’ve got to take note of what gives you the ability to even comprehend a conversation about belief and faith.

Turns out, the best information available about this is that the energy centres within the several plexus regions of the body (spiritualists call it chakras) have receptors that can receive incoming waves of energy. From where? For this, let’s go to the remarkable 4th of July discovery of the Large Hadron Collider in 2012. The discovery of the Higgs Boson and the subsequent discovery of the existence of the Higgs field. 99.999999% of the mass of any atom, of the electrons, protons and neutrons within the atom, the quarks etc within that, are full of some energy field that until 2012 was only theory. But now, we know that it is the Higgs Field – a field of infinite potential where the the particles are spinning and at the same time not spinning. Whether to spin or not to spin is subject to observation…ergo the brain melt from the double slit experiment is back to haunt me.