Technology Induced
Ascension of Human Consciousness

Birthed out of a desperate need to change our own beliefs, Brain OS was designed to bring about mass ascension in human consciousness

If we can help ONE person realise their full potential, and if that one person can be empowered to live out that full potential, then that’s one more person that will continue to live on, with a higher consciousness and a greater awareness.
  • Manas Kumar, Founder

There was a time when conversations about mind, body & soul were the thing of hippies singing Hare Rama, Hare Krishna in some backyard, country town, getting high on a psychedelic trip of a lifetime. That was the 60s through to the 80s. With advancements made in the area of neuroscience and the deeper understanding of the Quantum realm, the science of consciousness has never been studied like it is currently. In the quest for answers to some very difficult life questions, our CEO, embarked on a journey to learn this complex science of consciousness.

18 months of intense research and the result: Brain OS was born. In fact, the inception of Brain OS happened during an intense meditative session. But more on this later!

hippie culture

Brain OS is a product of Property Magnets, a Property Education company based in Australia and New Zealand. You’d be right in trying to piece together the link between a property education company and a consciousness related product.

In our quest to educate as many as we can about the need