Technology Induced
Ascension of Human Consciousness

Birthed out of a desperate need to change our own beliefs, Brain OS was designed to bring about mass ascension in human consciousness

If we can help ONE person realise their full potential, and if that one person can be empowered to live out that full potential, then that’s one more person that will continue to live on, with a higher consciousness and a greater awareness.
  • Manas Kumar, Founder

There was a time when conversations about mind, body & soul were the thing of hippies singing Hare Rama, Hare Krishna in some backyard, country town, getting high on a psychedelic trip of a lifetime. That was the 60s through to the 80s. With advancements made in the area of neuroscience and the deeper understanding of the Quantum realm, the science of consciousness has never been studied like it is currently. In the quest for answers to some very difficult life questions, our CEO, embarked on a journey to learn this complex science of consciousness.

18 months of intense research and the result: Brain OS was born. In fact, the inception of Brain OS happened during an intense meditative session. But more on this later!

hippie culture

Brain OS is a product of Property Magnets, a Property Education company based in Australia and New Zealand. You’d be right in trying to piece together the link between a property education company and a consciousness related product.

In our quest to educate as many as we can about the need to become financially independent through property, we began to understand the number one reason why people fail in becoming successful as a property investor.

It is Fear. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of the unknown.

Add to that the severely diminished self-confidence among the masses, we quickly realised that if we are to really help our property education clients, we needed to also help them with personal development.

Not personal development like you are imaginig right now. No fist pumping in the air, no hallelaujah!, no crazy seminars, no Tony Robbin-esque teachings. We wanted to hit the matter where it would deliver results. Enough talking has been done about this subject. Enough books have been written on this subject. Enough movies have been produced related to this subject.

We wanted to do something tangible. Something solid. Something that would never impeach on ones’ spiritual beliefs, nor will it demand for one belief system to be considered more superior to another.


A system that is purely scientific, non-religious, easy to use, backed by real data and accessible to EVERYONE.

THIS… is Brain OS.

At the heart of Brain OS is the concept of programs. We have two kinds of programs predominantly.

Load Programs: Programs that are designed to inject a new belief system into the subconscious mind.

Quit Programs: Programs that are designed to “delete” or “remove” a pre-existing belief from the subconscious mind.

Ideally, you’d want to use a Quit Program along with a Load program simultaneously to ensure you are not just removing old/unwanted beliefs, but are actively “replacing” them with more constructive and supporting beliefs.


The second most important part of Brain OS, is the concept of Base Sounds or Soundscapes. Since all Brain OS belief change programs are delivered via audio, you need to have some background music in conjunction with the appropriate brainwaves in order to induce the right brain state to access the subconscious mind.

Because the human mind gets bored quickly and easily, we came up with a collection of soothing, harmonically favorable and relaxing background sounds that become the dominant sound you hear when you’re listening to one of our programs.

With 18 different such soundscapes, we also wanted to provide additional variety and thus, we included a few live radio streams that can also be used as soundscapes with a program.

Subconscious Reprogramming While You Commute

So for instance, if you want to get into a state of focus as you commute to work, you can choose to listen to one of our 12 live radio stations, combine it with the “Load Focus” program and train your mind while you’re commuting in public transport or even if you’re driving.

Note: If you’re using the programs during commute, since, it is not advisable to listen to any brainwaves designed for entrainment purposes while driving or using any kind of machinery, Brain OS, automatically turns off the brainwave component but keeps the silent subliminals active. This way, you have no risk of lapse in concentration due to brainwave entrainment.

Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you prefer to work on your subconscious beliefs for 30 minutes in the morning, or while you go to work. Whether you’re into meditation, or you’re not. Whether you prefer to let your subconscious mind be transformed while you sleep – Brain OS has a solution for you.

Brain OS Morning Meditation

Morning Routine

Some people prefer to start their day with a 30 minute session on Brain OS. Simply plug in your headphones, tap the “Morning Program” and you’re on your way, with a fresh mind .

Brain OS during Meditation

Guided Meditations

If you’re into meditation, you will find a bunch of selected guided meditations that can help you get going. Or simply use one of the Theta programs on the fly and hit that FLOW state easily.

Astral Projection

Day Time

Whether you’re at work, at home, at the beach or just having the friends over for dinner – You can still continue subconscious reprogramming, no matter where you are.

Overnight Meditation

At Bedtime

Brain OS has targeted programs that are delivered over Delta Brainwaves – that’s when you’re in deep, restorative sleep. Reprogram your mind while you sleep. It’s highly effective.

Silent Subliminals

Silent Subliminal is a patented technology from Oliver M. Lowry, the first to hypothesize delivery of audio in a way that is below the audible frequency range for most people, without any loss of signal strength or quality.

In plain English, using this technology, Brain OS delivers powerful, assertive, positive belief statements and affirmations that won’t be audible to you, but they are readily perceived by your subconscious mind.

In short, with the way Brain OS has developed its technology platform, you can create any combination of programs using any of the available soundscapes and radio stations to reprogram your mind, anytime, anywhere, with just your phone or computer.

what are brain waves

You can use an EEG headset such as the MUSE headset to monitor your brainwaves while you’re using Brain OS.

In our internal tests, we have consistently seen a significant jump in “calm state”, as reported inside MUSE while a Brain OS program is turned on.

Read more about the science behind Brain OS or even better… sign up for an account and see for yourself. 

Beta to Alpha State Transition

Brain OS is the first known technology platform in the world, that can induce transition from Beta to Alpha brainwave states in as little as 3-5 minutes using a specific audio visualization program.

Beta is the state when you’re consiously aware. Its your logic driven mind. Alpha is when things begin to get creative. Read more about all the brainwave states and what they mean.

When you’re in alpha, you’re somewhat at the doorstep to your subconscious mind. So when you use the Visual Audio Player, you can very quickly switch from a beta (highly logical) mind, to Alpha (restful, creative and calm) mind in seconds.

Versatile Technology, Multiple Platforms

Bain OS - Subconscious Reprogramming
Brain OS Compatible with Multiple Platforms

Brain OS is not a meditation app, its not a Yoga App, its not a music App. It is a sophisticated brain entrainment system that works on every platform. It works on your laptop (Windows or Mac), it works on your desktop (Any operating system), it works on mobile devices (iOS and also Android), it works on Tablets (iPad, Samsung, Lenovo etc.). Heck it will even work on your grandma’s old desktop computer (as long as you have the latest web browser).


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Powerful Program designed to help you get rid of stress & anxiety. This is using one of our live radio stations. Perfect for easy listening while you're at work, chilling at home or during commute

Load Love & Joy

This program is using the Vedic Chants Soundscape. You can change it with any other Soundscape inside the App.