what you desire to experience in your life using through the power of intentions is not just a “new-age” belief. A series of scientific experiments have been conducted over the last several decades to prove it. In this article, I am going to discuss one such experiment that most people haven’t heard of – partly because mainstream media does not report on such cornerstone findings anymore and partly because most people are too busy to care about life changing discoveries anymore.

Setting the Stage

Before I get into the heart of the experiment in question, let me take a few moments to set the right expectations in terms of manifesting, the power of intentions and the ultimate outplaying of the .

Law of Attraction, in its most basic definition is based on using the power of the mind to shape the reality you experience. Until Quantum Physics came out of the lab and into the mainstream, anyone you talked to about LOA would scoff at it calling it a hippie or new-age belief system. However, now, with ground-breaking research and discoveries made not just in the area of neuroscience but also archaeology and quantum mechanics that provide a better, more pragmatic understanding of how Law of Attraction really works.

So here are some guiding principles that we will use in this article to better explain manifesting through the Law of Attraction taking pragmatic approach rather than a spiritual approach.

Everything comes from Source Energy: Physicists have settled upon the origins of the universe being associated with an initial energy that caused the bang (big or small) that launched the universe into its current state of expansion which is ongoing.

This energy that gave birth to planets, stars, comets, asteroids, dark matter, black holes and everything else in between, is the same creative energy that basically runs the show on earth. You, me, the watch on your wrist, the laptop you’re reading this on – all have the origins in a single source of energy.

collapsing wave, quantum field theory

Everything is frequency and has vibration: In Quantum Field Theory (QFT) the fundamental particles making up matter are treated as wave-like vibrations of a quantum field. For example, the electron is viewed as an vibrations of an electron field; a photon is an vibrations of a photon field. This quantum field (the sea of vibrations) is present in all of space time without exception. However, according to the double-slit experiment, the field is merely a sea of “potential” that is yet to be expressed as matter. That expression happens when an observation takes place. I know, this is trippy science but bear with me… it will become clear soon.

Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed: This is an easy one. Transformation of energy is something most of us have read about in middle-school. For instance, friction leads to heat. Kinetic energy (motion) is transformed into Electric Energy through the use of motors and so on. So the bottom line is that energy cannot be destroyed but only transformed from one kind to another.

Electromagnetic energy: Consider the Stark Effect for instance (the splitting of spectral lines observed when the radiating atoms, ions, or molecules are subjected to a strong electric field. Or simply stated, its the name for the phenomenon that explains how atomic composition can be changed by applying a strong electric field to ultimately change how that atom comes together in matter).  The Zeeman Effect, which explains a similar phenomenon, except instead of an electric field, the atomic arrangement is changed by applying a strong magnetic field. In both cases, physics has offered strong explanation for “change of matter” through change of “electromagnetic field”.

The human body’s energy system creates an electromagnetic field around you that behaves just like any electromagnetic field would when it comes in contact with anything else that can interact with electromagnetic energy. See it the same way as a magnet interacts in the presence of metal filings. Its an imminent phenomenon that is grounded in centuries old scientific research that is now widely accepted as one of the Laws in physics.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows: Think about the sky. Did you just have a blue color image pop in your head? Or think about the most delicious food you love. Did you get a slight salivating sensation in your mouth? This is cause and effect in action. The conscious mind is very good at forming mental images from signals and not just images, but is also very capable of inducing sensation using the rest of the 4 senses. So what you think about, is what your mind begins to “conjure up” and your brain begins “project” so that your senses can “experience” it.

Ok, now with this out of the way, lets talk about the idea of intentions.

An intention, for the purpose of this exercise is a mental construct. A construct where you, the intendor (is that even a word?), wants to see something come to pass. For instance, if you say “I intend to take a nap today”, your mind creates an expectation that that will happen. Closer to the time of the intended nap, your body even starts preparing you for it. If you allow it to follow through, your intention of taking a nap is manifested by your brain through a change in the physical energy. With me so far?

So your intention was very simple. It was expressed in a way that your mind understood. The intention did not have any resistance from the and as a result, the intention resulted in manifesting of your desire to take a nap. Simple.

Now… lets begin our experiment.

A French researcher named René Peoc’h, Ph.D, demonstrated the power of intentions with newly hatched baby chicks. When chicks hatch, they usually imprint on their mother, bonding with her and following her around. But if the mother isn’t there when the chicks hatch, they will imprint on the first moving object they encounter. For example, if a chick first sees a human, it will follow the human around in the same way.

For his study, Peoc’h built a special type of random event generator: a computerized robot that would turn randomly as it moved around an arena, going right 50% of the time and going left 50% of the time. As a control, Peoc’h first recorded the robot’s path in the arena with no chicks present.

He found that over time, the robot covered most of the arena equally. Next he exposed newly hatched chicks to the robot. As expected, they imprinted on the robot as if it was their mother and followed it all over the arena. After the chicks had imprinted on the robot, he removed them from the arena and put the chicks in a cage on one side, where they could see the robot but not move toward it.

Manifesting and Law of Attractino proven through the power of intentions in a scientific study by Rene Peoch

What happened next was astonishing – the intention of the baby chicks to be near to what they believed to be their mother (in this case, the robot) actually influenced the random movements of the robot. It no longer moved all over the arena but instead remained in the half of the arena closest to the chicks.

If the intention of baby chicks can influence the movements of a computerized robot, just imagine what you can do in drawing your future to you.

The above experiment is an excerpt from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book called Becoming Supernatural. If you’re serious about transforming your thinking and changing your reality then this book is an absolute must read.

So what is the significance of this discovery?

In its simplest form, it proves the power of intention. Now before you go all woo-woo on this, consider the scientific aspects of how intentions led to such a manifestation for the chicks.

Baby chicks, just like any other biological life-form have an electromagnetic field of their own. Their elevated emotions, which birthed out of the need to be close to the mother (or in this instance the robot), generated enough electromagnetic discharge to alter the path of the robot. So if you, as a human, can have the right elevated emotions combined with the right intentions (thought), there’s no reason why you cannot generate the type of electromagnetic charge needed to alter the path of destiny.

Intentions are the most powerful non-local phenomena, studying which can