Advanced Brain Enhancement Solution

Bring your subconscious mind, in line with your conscious mind and experience a transformation from within.

Brain OS in plain English

We use inaudible subliminal messages, combined with pleasant soundscapes to deliver empowering affirmations and positive belief statements directly into your subconscious mind.

Everyone wants to live a happy, fulfilling and joyful life. Everyone aspires to have abundance, love, harmony and peace in life. But the inconvenient truth is that most of us either have one or the other. Many might have some, or none.

And then there are those, that are never able to get past the “two steps forward, two backward” seasons of life, where everything seems stagnant.

At Brain OS, we have developed a solution that tackles this problem right at its very origins. The subconscious brain.

Through the power of targeted subconscious reprogramming, Brain OS can alter your internal belief system, to bring it in line with everything you are capable of being.

The result: A NEW YOU!

Our Work Is Inspired by the Teachings of

Joe Dispenza Brain OS

Dr. Joe Dispenza has brought about transformation in many people across the world through his teachings about how to become superhuman.

self hypnosis Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work in epigenetics has  transformed the entire understanding of cellular function and the impact of external evironment on gene regulation.

Robert Williams PSYCH-K Brain OS

Robert Williams’ and his PSYCH-K method is a mind blowing development in understanding how the subconscious mind can be changed in minutes.

Abraham Hicks Brain OS

Abraham Hicks’ is one of the original pioneers of the Law of Attraction doctrine.

What Brain OS IS NOT

Brain OS is NOT a meditation app, nor is it an app you would use for listening to soothing music at bedtime to help with a peaceful night’s sleep.

Brain OS is not like anything you would have experienced before in the area of personal development.

Who needs it?

“I know I’m capable of solving my own problems. I don’t need a Brain OS or a shrink to set me straight”

Brain OS is meant for anyone who feels they are not living life to their full potential.

In a post Covid-19 world, where stress, anxiety, grief, concerns about money, family etc. are more prevalent than ever before – the only place to get real answers is from within.

Alignment of your conscious self with your subconscious self is the only way to overcome all the challenges that lie ahead for humanity.

Brain OS is for anyone that is ready to take control of their lives, take action, take responsibility and get out of the loop of survivalist thinking and into deliberate creation of a new reality.

How is it Different?

“There are dozens of YouTube videos offering subliminal messages, what makes Brain OS different?”

“I can buy MP3s for a few bucks to listen to binaural beats or subliminal self-hypnosis tracks to get the same results, what are you offering that is so different?”

The subconscious mind operates a complex neural network of information that does a lot of things to shape your reality.

A YouTube video claiming to take your worries away with a 432Hz track or make you an instant millionaire through a 528Hz track is nothing more than pure BULLSHIT.

It is true that the subconscious mind can be transformed to manifest and attract all those things – but it takes time and work.

Single track MP3s that offer subliminal messages do work. However, the way they are sold and bundled means you have to keep buying tracks for different purposes, with different subliminal affirmations. Do you want to keep doing that?

One subscription. One Platform. Unlimited Possibilities.

With Brain OS, you have unlimited access to all brainwaves, all soundscapes, all programs (subliminal messages) and the choice to reprogram your subconscious mind, anytime…anywhere with no dependency on MP3s or any third party apps.

No need to keep paying for those single-purpose MP3s or wasting time on YouTube videos with empty promises. Take the scientific approach to subconscious reprogramming. Its easy. Its versatile. Its SMART.

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Is it a Spiritual Thing?

“I’m not into all this new-age meditation stuff… do I have to adopt any specific spiritual beliefs when using Brain OS?”

No. There’s nothing spiritual, religious or “New-Age” about subconscious reprogramming. Like everyone on this planet, you’ve got a set of beliefs that aren’t your own. Those beliefs made their way into your subconscious mind through exposure to various things. Being a matter of “subconscious”, you are never consciously aware of this happening.

From television programming, to your parents, to your peers, to your friends… every interaction leaves behind a belief system. There was nothing spiritual about watching T.V, but you did pick up a lot of beliefs through the subliminal messages that have been part of television programming since at least the 50s.

Brain OS simply transmits , at specific frequency range, using subliminal audio to target your subconscious mind. Pure science. Nothing spiritual.

Brain OS Compatible with Multiple Platforms

How It Works

Unlike any other subliminal audio based solution for subconscious reprogramming, Brain OS compiles subliminal tracks on the fly. This way, you can re-use affirmations with unlimited variations and keep the audio experience fresh, increasing your consistency and commitment to self.

Supporting Research

Brain OS was developed after careful research and a huge amount of self experimentation. While the scientific literature supporting subconscious reprogramming is quite mind-boggling, we have listed several relevant and easier to understand scientific literature for anyone’s review.

The Technology

Brain OS has been built using cross-platform technologies, which means you can truly use Brain OS anytime anywhere with just a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any regular computer.

Use headphones for Binaural transmission, or Speakers for Isochronic transmission.

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